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Woman to tame To do in of Remedy mantra way If you want to control a married woman / woman, then follow our tantric remedy and attract anyone towards you. No matter how much it is explained to women, they will not listen to you! The habit of women is mostly that what they feel is right and what is not right is not good. And if someone else comes and tells them right and wrong then she does not listen to them at all.

This is also true in today's new and progressive era, but the problem comes when Mahabharata happens in your house on some serious matter. What should you do in that situation? What is the right way to proceed in that type of situation? Will there be any way to understand right and wrong or will you always remain a slave of Jorum? There is an answer to all these questions and the remedy will also answer those questions.

Aurat Vashikaran ke Tantrik Upay Mantra Totke

Measures to subdue a woman / Totke - You should break the wood of a pomegranate tree from a nearby forest on the day when the pre-Phalguni constellation rises. Take this wood and show it in the Dhup-Deep pooja house on the same day and tie it on your right arm, now whenever you find someone in front of you, you are in costume.

You can see how much effect this remedy has. Soon, people will start obeying you, paying attention to your words and will do whatever you say. Women will dance at your behest. And you will find yourself entering back into your lost life. Like a winner. Another very effective and effective way is to grind kakaganja, tagar and saffron and keep the mixture in a small container near you. When you want to keep your point then keep it and try to listen to it.

But when people do not listen to you, then you put this mixture out of the casket on the forehead of the woman and on the floor at night, and you will find that your work has started. You are getting your lost charisma back. Over time the recession of your life will go away and you will start spending your life of happiness.

The next effective remedy is to take small cardamom, take red sandalwood and red vermilion, mix cornice and gourd and make sunlight. Keep this sun in your temple; keep it in the temple of home. Whenever you have to say something and your work is not being done, then you should do so that you burn that sunlight in front of that person. He will be impressed by this and will start discussing your things. You will get your work done successfully.