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Gay Problem Solution by Astrologer  

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Even though section 377 has been decriminalised by the government there is still prejudices and hedious opinions about people who are gay, government may have accepted that love is love no matter the gender but in a country like ours where this has been a criminal offense for so long it is hard for the people to accept other people as they are. The society needs to understand that no matter the gender love is love, the purity is never lost in love even if you love the same gender and most importantly it is not developed after birth it actually already exists in the form of hormones and is totally normal to be gay. When a person opens up in front of his/her parents about their sexuality, the parents feel ashamed that their kid is gay even some people refer to this as a disorder or disease which is absolutely stupid and to change their mentality and make them realise that there is nothing bad with being gay Our astrology expert is completely ready to help you with his expertise of figuring out the exact course of action that is needed to be taken by studying your stars to change hardship into happiness.