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khoya pyar pane ka upay/tarika/mantra      

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People come and go in this world, take some flowers fall on the way. If you and we have come into this world, then at some time or other, you either see or fall in love. And when people meet, it is not a very big thing to be separated again.

Ways to get love

First of all, we are going to do a very simple recipe for you - you first take a banana and then cut it into small pieces, now make a paste by punching these pieces, now you add grouching to it. Start applying this paste on the head, there is a belief that it increases the power of attraction so much that you will find that you are pulling all the people towards you.

This recipe increases your inner attraction power and takes you on a royal journey. By doing this remedy, you will find people attracted towards you, they will want to talk to you, like to meet you, will like to favour them! Listen to their talk and go to their house to eat and drink with them.

Tips to get success in love

Grind coconut, datura and camphor and mix this mixture in some good honey, now you apply it regularly on tilak. By this you will find that the people you love are coming close to you and they will not part with you.

How to get your love

If you are having food with your husband and both of you have problems, then when the husband is not looking, then you put some food from his plate in his plate, if both of you will be spoiled Will happen

Tips for finding lost love / mantras / tricks

Nowadays people are living life so fast that they do not know about the fate, they forget the laws of nature; do not think that the unseen energies are also a truth inside this universe. In such a situation, you should show your horoscope to a good astrologer or the horoscope of someone you know - whom you want to call near, the astrologer will be able to advise you well what to do and what not to do.

Because there have been some planets which are not giving good results due to adverse conditions. In personal life, you and I are influenced by the planet Venus for love and affection. And their deity is Kamadeva, which is very well described by Kalidasa in Kumarasambhava. You can find remedies and remedies for them

Mantra to get back the lost love

Kamadeva mantra is "Om Kama Devay Vidmahe, Rati Priyayai Dheem Hee, and Tanno Anang Prachodayat", the chanting of this mantra removes the difficulties of married life and gives the mind joy, happiness and prosperity. You should chant this mantra one hundred and eight times daily on a rosary or on the fingers, do this work until your work is made in the morning. Remember that when you meet those whom you want to attract, then read this mantra once. Apart from this, we are going to put another very effective mantra of Cupid before you.