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Lesbian Relationship Problems      

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After the decriminalisation of the section 377 by the government the freedom has been achieved by all the gay/lesbian people of the country to love freely still there are many problems that occur in relationship sometime it can be from the family’s side sometime it can be within the relationship between the partners. Though the section has been demolished but people still hold negative opinions in their mind about lesbian/gay people,

The society is still not ready to accept that love is love no matter the gender and they still consider it as a disorder but what they need to understand is the hormones that exists in a person that make him gay/lesbian/bisexual are totally normal, are present since birth and are not a choice to have or not to have.

These non-acceptance problems cause distress between the lovers also and lead to a depressed and distressed life causing disharmony to restore harmony in your life and change the views of your family towards your sexuality.

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