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If your husband does not love you and your relationship is always at loggerheads and your marital life is not like before, then for that you will have to take some measures to control your husband, so that your spouse will listen to you and you and his all disputes will end and you will enjoy the happiness of life.

Pati Ko Vash me Karne ke Totke Mantra

Pati vashikaran totke: - If your husband does not listen to you because of which there is disturbance in the house and your practical sweet relationship is getting bitter now, then you will have to take a small solution on Saturday, for this you have to take seven cloves in the midnight of Saturday. Blow your husband's name on it 21 times and burn it in the fire on the following Sunday or you have to use it continuously for 7 days to 7 times, so that your husband is in your control Ega, we will start accepting everything from you, you will see the effect of this experiment within a week or two.


Om Singhmayi Vashemayam Vashemayam Kuru Kuru Swah: - If you want to subdue your husband and regain the happiness of your married life, then you should keep three cardamoms touching your body and hide it somewhere on Friday, remembering Lord Krishna. And if you wear a sari, you can tie it in pallu and grind cardamom on Saturday morning and mix it with some dishes and feed it to your husband. You could see a clear difference and your husband will listen to you.

On the Sunday of Shukla Paksha put 5 cloves in a place where there is perspiration and grind it into a powder and put this powder in tea and milk and drink it to your husband, your husband will be in your control and all your orders Will follow and problems in your married life will end and life will be filled with happiness.

Pati vashikaran mantra

If your husband does not listen to you due to which there is disturbance in your house, then for this, you have to take a small solution for this, after bathing in an eclipse period, you should chant this mantra 101 times after cleansing and applying posture and by cutting the gorochan, this mantra is done 4 times By shakti will have to stay in the forehead, this will make your husband fall under your control and obey your orders.